Georges Adéagbo: The Incantation of the Disquieting Muse
Georges Adéagbo: The Incantation of the Disquieting Muse (Installation)

»The art school, and the art school: the students and the students, in the art school«..! The art and the art: What is art..? Art is a manner, that one choses to talk to your kins, and stay their friends, not become their enemy: The students and the students, in the art school, which is a school, which gives education to make educated people (art school and art school)..!


»The model, and the model: what belonged to belong to his ones person, is what would be going to belong to ones person.« ..! The dog to follow a person, to never follow a person, who is with the bone, but dog, it is, forever to follow a person, who is with the meat: religion, which is art, which is spiritualism talking about the spirit, and making seeing showing the spirit (to come to meet each other, and to see each other, in order to know each other face to face, this happens first in the spiritualism talking about the spirit and making seeing the spirit, that we met and saw: looking at you, and looking at me, do you see, whether I was born and made to live with your person, or not made to live with your person) ..? Those individuals who resemble, gather. Gathering together the individuals who are similar: the model “in Bonaventure’s art space Savvy, in Berlin Germany: be perfect as your heavenly father, who is perfect, but without having ever seen the father who is heavenly and perfect, where do will we take the model of his perfection”...? Here, we have the model: God is very high, very far, however in his mercy, he was willing to give to human beings, the possibility to find him it back (the model, and the model: once upon a time, the model) ..! Berlin Germany and the history of Bonaventure’s art space Savvy: philosophy and art ..

Georges Adéagbo

Savvy Contemporary, Berlin 2016

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